Monday, 6 May 2013

Winner - April Crumpet Amateur Nail Art Contest

Hi Goddesses

This month's Nail Art Contest is the closest we have ever had!!  Usually there is one runaway winner, but these time, there are only 3 votes between first and second place.

This month's theme was FLOWERS and here are some of my favourites - 

By Passion or Kinda

Love for Nail Art

So without further adoooooo .... in 2nd place, is this Funky Floral from the Bubbly Brunette


Which means the winner is .........

This daisy chain design from Emma of Cambridge Nails -  congrats Emma!

And now I need your help!  I've enjoyed hosting this contest each month, and the Blogger of the Month contest, but not many of you are taking me up on the offer of a Guest Post.  

The question is - Do you want this feature to continue?

Let me know in the comments, and well done everyone :) xx
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