Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Zoya - Aurora and Blaze

Hi Goddesses

Have  I really not blogged these yet?   Are you sure?  Am I sure?  Well according to a search of my blog, I haven’t …. Wow I must have dreamed it pretty intensely though …

Ha ha.  So, when Zoya released their holo polishes just before Christmas, I was very excited.  In reality, when they finally appeared, I wasn’t quite as wowed as I expected, and only ended up getting 2.   And yup, this post is a tale of 2 emotions ….

First up we have Blaze.  Ah, the amazing, blazing Blaze.  So confident, so intense, so dramatic.  Wow   Perfect cherry-ruby holo-oh-oh-ness.

Just look how she dazzles and shimmies – look!  She is beautiful, truly beautiful, and will be coming soon in a dark red holo comparison post which I’m also fairly sure I’ve blogged but haven’t.  Am I in a time warp?  Have I finally been abducted by aliens?  This is so déjà vu lol.  Weird.

I love how utterly glossy Blaze is, how alive with colour, and how she’s pretty much everything you could ask for in a holo – rich in colour AND bendiness.

So twas with barely contained excitement that I reached for Aurora.  If the red is this good, imagine what the pur- … oh …. Hhhmmmm … oh.

Yes, Aurora disappoints me.  Now we do need to acknowledge that I own or have owned pretty much every purple holo ever created, but oh, this is so lacking – both in colour AND bendiness.

I think my biggest surprise is that the size of the holo particles seems larger.   It doesn’t look as if the polishes come from the same collection.  This would definitely have looked great if it had Blaze’s qualities.

And then there’s the colour. It just lacks … depth.  It’s not midnight, or bruise, or violet or blurple … it’s almost pedestrian purple.  Admittedly, Aurora does hold the light fiercely, but Blaze wins it hands down.

Enjoy xx 

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