Saturday, 15 June 2013

Back In Time - Andy Warhol Lips (+ OPI Matte Top Coat)

Hi Goddesses

It’s the middle of the month, which means it’s time for the 2nd Back In Time post, and this time, Missy and I get to recreate each other’s manis.   Missy obviously got up earlier than I did, and has already posted her version of my Wonder Woman mani – you can check her out here.

When it came time to choose what to do, it wasn’t as easy as I expected.  Missy and I like different colours, so anything she did with green or teal or yellow immediately went on the NOOOOOOO pile.  Eventually, I narrowed it down to 2, and finally plumped for this pastel version of Andy Warhol’s famous lips paintings.

For my bases I used all Barry M Gellys

- Thumb – Lychee
- Index – Blueberry
- Middle – Prickly Pear
- Ring – Greenberry
- Pinkie – Dragon Fruit

I stamped using the same polishes and the lips on BM02.   When it was done, I quite liked it, but not as much as Missy’s.  I think the stamps are a little hard to see, and it just doesn’t pop as much as hers (probably cos I couldn’t bear to use yellow lol).

I then thought I should try my new OPI Matte Top Coat before taking the mani off and …… oh yeh, pure heaven!   LOVE this matte top coat.  Not only did it matte it pretty much instantly, it made my nails look like love heart sweets!  All sugary and sherberty lol.

Really impressed with the OPI – effortless application, no streaking, and a lovely powdery soft, almost vinyl finish.  Needless to say, it MADE the mani, proving that sometimes, even though it’s about the polish, it shouldn’t be TOO polished.

Enjoy xx 

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