Saturday, 1 June 2013

Back In Time - Crumpet a la June 2012

Hi Goddesses

Well, this weekend sees the launch of a lot of new features on The Crumpet, and whilst this is one I’ve toyed with in the past, it’s taken a big oomph up the ass from my bestie Missy to actually get it going.

How it works is like this – on the 1st of every month, we’re both going to redo one mani from this time last year.  Lord knows I have enough disasters to ahem improve on.   Then on the 15th of the month, we swap, and I will be recreating one of Missy’s from this time last year, and she will be doing one of mine.  Cool, huh?  So here we go.

June last year was an utterly crazy month on the blog, but it was a turning point in Crumpet history.  I had Celebration 500 going on, the Summer Challenge, a Superheroes and Villains Challenge, all manner of stuff – I think nearly 90 posts worth, so choosing something to redo has been a bit difficult.   Eventually I picked this – an Acid Wash mani.

I remember when I did this I was so proud.   Another blogger (Jamie at Nails Adored) had recently done one and called it a Grunge mani, and it had 1000s of views, 100s of pins on pinterest, and I was convinced mine would get the same.  NO.   I didn’t understand why – it was awesome!

Well, NO.  In hindsight, it was messy, the colours are just nasty and … oh dear.  It wasn’t until I saw Smashley Sparkles do this genius version, that I realised the error of my ways – clean vertical lines = so much better!

So for this version, that’s what I did.  No crazy this-way-and-that, no messiness, just as clean as I could be (which isn’t easy for a Crumpet).    My polishes were Layla CE04 as the base, then Lilypad Lacquer Bubble Yummo, OPI Koala Bear-y, and finally Barry M Gelly Blackberry.

This was the other thing I learnt – you need to move from pale to dark to get the best effects.  I also stuck to one colour family, as I remember last year the colours polluted each other and didn’t look true.

I absolutely love how this turned out.  Thankfully it IS loads better than the original haha and it just proves that improvement is sometimes about just practicing.  The thing I most notice these days is not that I am necessarily better, but my dexterity in using the tools is – hence more confident lines, and thankfully, better manis.

Don’t forget to head over and see what Missy recreated, and we’ll be back with part 2 on the 15th xx  Enjoy :)

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