Saturday, 22 June 2013

Candy Crush - The Signs of Addiction

Hi Goddesses

Like most of the Western World, I have recently become addicted to Candy Crush.  Insanely simple and evil at the same time, it is an infuriating joy and a delicious hell, all rolled into one.

This is my story - is it yours?


Other people have fun doing it … maybe I’ll give it a try

Oooh, this is fun, I enjoy this

Oh.  There is a dark side.  But the fun side makes up for it.

That’s it?  I’m out of lives?  You can’t cut me off like this! 

How long til you can give me another life?

I need to play, but I am out of lives – argh!  I can’t think of anything else but this … I am counting the minutes.

Ok, this is ruining my life.  I am going to stop.

Oh but when it was good it was so gooood, I'll just have a little go.

Dammit, I should respect myself more.  This pain has to stop!

Wow, I’ve stopped.  This is ok.

I’m bored, maybe I’ll just give it another go.

Oh crap I forgot how good this is.

Oh crap, I forgot about the pain!  This is worse than ever!

The longer I do it, the more painful and frustrating it gets!

I will make friends with people who share my obsession and can feed me with lives.   This way, I can get high from the game pretty much whenever I want.

I am stuck on this level, I cannot get higher. How do I get out of this hell?

It’s not enough, I will pull my family into this too.  They will feed me with lives because they love me.

Hmmmm if I create a fake identity, I can give myself more lives whenever I need them.

This has taken over my entire life.

Pet Saga you say?

Bubble Witch?

If I mix them up, the pleasure increases.  A cocktail of online fun!

Just one more line, one more line …..

Yes! Yes! I won, top of the world.

Without it, my world is emptiness.

How long til I can get more lives …?

Or maybe I need another life …..

This morning, as I was cursing at it AGAIN, it struck me how much it has in common with other addictions ....  if you don't believe me, read the above list again, and think of heroin instead ..... scary!

Enjoy - but be careful!  xx
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