Sunday, 2 June 2013

Crumpet Reviews - Above The Curve Holo-oh-ohs - Part One

Hi Goddesses

Today I have a holo-oh-oh extravaganza for you!  I was recently sent some Above The Curve polishes to review and they are sooooooo awesome, I have had to divide the post in 2.  Yup, there’s a LOT of purdy pictures mwahahahah.

The formula on these is great, and a lot of them are almost one coaters.  What I find most astounding though is that even the colours I am not particularly a fan of, I LOVE on the nail  - quite the achievement!

Just to make it easier, I’m going to do this alphabetically, and then the polishes can’t accuse me of having favourites   That means we start with Adriel, which to me was a very meh looking rosey thing in the bottle ….

But on the nail, holy fireballs!  Awesome.   I can’t believe how much heat suddenly kicks out of this polish!  It’s stunning.  It also reminds me of some of the older, HTF OPI holos, so this might be a good one for you if they are on your wishlist.

This absolutely glows in the light.  I don’t think it can decided if it wants to be pink or orange, but either way, it’s fabulous.

Diablos … well, I was convinced I would hate this.  A brown holo?

But I love it.  And will you look?  look at all those violet pieces twinkling away, lending it a warmth and fuzzy lean it really shouldn't have.  Wow, this is a work of art.

I love how much is going on in this polish.  Even more, I love how a polish I normally wouldn’t look twice at is sooooo special.

And finally for today, Fallen Angel.  Wow, this one is also rich and complex.

This is a delicious dirty dove grey (think pigeons that have splashed in puddles), and I can’t believe how such a cold colour can hold so much golden glow and light.

Again, this has those amazing violet / blue twinkles which give it something so special, and so lovely.

The true test of this polish is how it looks matted – will you look how awesome that is?  How the polish is so very very beautiful, that not even matte top coat can dull the violet flame or the golden light within.  Wow.  A truly special polish.

You'll have noticed the religious themes to the polish names and there is indeed something celestial and holy / holo-ey about these polishes.  They are lit with a beauty you don't find in many holos - very special indeed.

Tomorrow you'll see Guardian Angel, The Midnight Blues and – gasp – Wisteria.  Above The Curve can be bought HERE and at various e-tailers.

These polishes were sent to me for an honest review.  Enjoy xx

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