Saturday, 22 June 2013

Crumpet Reviews - CADILLACQUER The Dexter Collection

Hi Goddesses

I have a VERY exciting post for you today – ta-dah !!!

If you read this blog, you’ll know I am a massive Dexter fan.  The new series starts in the US tomorrow night and it’s THE LAST ONE.  It starts in the UK one week later, so I have some decisions to make.

When I saw that Cadillacquer had created a special Dexter Collection, I just HAD to be involved, and wrote to her to ask if I could review them.  Goddesses, this is SUCH bad practice as well as bad manners.  Please don’t ever do this!  It’s rude and uber cheeky, but bless her heart, Madeleine sent me 5 of the 9 and they are all EXQUISITE.  More than that, they obviously have some magic ingredient, because 2 of them are greens, and I swear I love them!

Let’s do the basics first –
Application?  Easy.
Glitter placement ?  No effort required.
Coats?  3.
Wear? Gooooood.
Fantasticness level?  Off the charts – I’m going to be at her store tomorrow to buy some more.

Let’s start with the first polish I swatched, The Dark Defender.  This is a teal flakie, and as teal isn’t my favourite colour, I expected this to be on and off within the half hour.  No.  I loved this so much I kept it on for 2 days, and let me tell you, that's a long time in my world!

TDD is soooo special.  The mix of this polish is just exquisite, especially the unexpected flashes of pink in the flakie mix.  The camera has struggled with these a little, but you can just about see them.  In real life, they’re a but more obvious and just …. Wow!  I couldn’t stop staring.

The base is a petrol teal, with nods towards navy.  This is like the dark murky waters of the Florida coast.  This polish is just fantastic.

Next up is the first of the greens – The End Begins.  This is sublime.  Olive green, like Dexter’s killing outfit, with gold shimmer and gold glitter.

This really isn’t my sort of polish at all, but wow, it’s beautiful.  The colour combination is just perfect, and the gold shimmer just lifts it into a beauty its inspiration doesn’t deserve.  Lovely.

However ….. my favourite green was this one – Masterpiece.  I can’t believe I am saying this but I absolutey loved this polish!  The green is so dark yet bright, vivid like jade yet deep like fir trees.

The splashes of red glitter are just genius, and such a perfect colour clash.  There was a Christmassy vibe to the colours in this polish that I loved.

The base for this is a crelly.  3 coats got it opaque and gorgeous.  My camera has the lights turned up high to pick up the detail, so please bear that in mind – it is NOT see through at 3 coats, and you won’t have any VNL.  Stunning, just stunning.

It’s Going To Happen Again is what I would call a “typical” Cadillacquer polish, blue, icy and quite Nordic looking.  However, it is still a thing of great beauty.

I love the white and teal glitter mix in this one, but it’s the shimmer that sings to my soul.  Exquisite – just look at it.  Truly beautiful, and a really serene colour to wear.

And finally, Have A Killer Day.  Oh wow this is a winner in sooooo many ways.  This polish is the perfect mix of ice and fire, with the neon colliding epicly with the base.

Yes, the base.  I was convinced it was grey, and it might be, but on the nail, it picks up smudges of lavender, mainly from the impact of that glorious purple glitter.  It’s the neon that makes this one though.  And the shimmer.

So overall, how impressed am I with my first Cadillacquers?  Very.  And whilst these polishes were sent to me for review, I’m already chomping at the bit to go and buy some tomorrow.

The quality of these polishes is superb, and effortless.  Often, polishes with this much glitter can be awkward to apply, but I had no issues whatsoever.

I also can’t quite believe that I am in love with a teal and a green …. THAT’S how good these polishes are :)

You can buy from Cadillacquer HERE and tomorrow is also the official Llarowe launch.  You can get all your Facebook updates HERE.

Enjoy xx J
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