Monday, 17 June 2013

Crumpet Reviews Darling Diva Polish - The Madonna Collection

Hi Goddesses

And welcome to the start of the week!  Ugh, I made the classic mistake this morning of waking up at 6.30 and feeling great, but refusing to get up so early on principle.  I then dozed for half an hour and have felt sleepy and like shit for the rest of the day haha.  That'll teach me.  Well, probably not ....

Anyway, today I have 5 STUNNING polishes that were sent to me for review.  I have been a Darling Diva Polish fan for a long time, and now she has these posh new bottles too.  What's even better?  What's inside the bottles is even more exciting!

Would you like a laugh before we start?  I've swatched these on different days in the last week, not really looked at the names ... didn't realised there was a Madonna theme going on!  Whoops!  Love it more now though!

Right let's tuck into the blue holo first called .... Madonna guesses please .... yes, True Blue!  This is lovely, a nice denim colour.

For those of you wondering, I don't think it's quite as deep as OPI DS Glamour, but I'll try and do a comparison soon.  The bend is lovely.  This is truly gorgeous.

The pink one, with jewels is ...... yes, Material Girl!  This is great and so fun and girly, without being sickly or overly sweet.  

This is a crelly base.  I have seen it look lovely on its own, but as I didn't want my mani to look too glitter-dense, I layered over OPI Sparrow Me The Drama.  Super fun.

The green one is ..... no, you'll never guess this.  Love Don't Live Here Anymore.  Guess what?   It's green.  And I like it !!!!

This is a fabulously obnoxious fine lime green glitter, littered with larger fuschia pieces for the extra colour clash.  It's sublime.  I've deliberately blurred some of the photos, as my base polish was turning it a little dark in some of them.

I layered over KIKO 393, a really dark jungle green, but this could stand a lighter base.  I think you do need undies with this one - the glitter is very fine, and you'd need a lot of layers to get opacity.

The white one, with stars is ..... Lucky Star!   This is very on trend - crelly white base, neon glitters and stars.  I layered mine over a white w7 polish.

This isn't my type of polish, but I did applaud how easily this applied.  Most shaped glitters are buggers to get out of the bottle, but it was easy to fish these ones out.

At the weekend, I started playing with my OPI Matte top coat (which I am officially in love with), and look how divine this looked matted - like pure sugar!

And finally .... my favourite, and surely a front runner for The Greatest Glitter Topper of All Time - HOLIDAY!  This is a CIRCLE GLITTER TOPPER!!!!!! Circles!!!  I am so excited by this polish.  Circles!!!!

Initally, I layered this CIRCLE glitter over Flicker by Chick.   I was trying to find a base that would compliment the CIRCLE glitters.   I really felt I was wearing a carnival on my nails.

Halfway through the day though, a better thought occurred to me, so that night, I switched my base and layered my CIRCLE glitter over Barry M Mint Green.   I absolutely love this combo - the mint seems to bring the CIRCLE glitter to life.

As you can see, this CIRCLE glitter makes me a little ... hyper!   Honestly, I know a lot of us are toppered out, but this is so special, you HAVE to buy it.  CIRCLES!!!  CIRCLE GLITTER!!!

These polishes were sent to me for my honest review.  You can buy Darling Diva Polishes (including the CIRCLE glitter) HERE and follow on Facebook HERE.  Most of her polishes are an insanely reasonable USD9.

I'm off to calm down.  Enjoy xx :)
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