Saturday, 29 June 2013

Crumpet Reviews - EMILY DE MOLLY Where Boys Fear To Tread

Hi Goddesses

How's your weekend going?  Let's start our blogging weekend with a bang shall we, and an utterly STUNNING holo, Emily de Molly's Where Boys Fear To Tread, which was sent to me for review by the amazing Sally Magpies.

I made a decision earlier this year that I wasn't going to devote a whole post to just one polish anymore, as it was too time consuming .... well, this polish has broken that rule!  This is just too amazing, beautiful, and plain breath-taking to not drool over in isolation.

As you know, I've been on quite the holo kick lately - 11 Mentality Polishes, and just this morning, 11 ILNP holos arrived, and 11 Lilypad Lacquer holos - lucky yummy me!!!! And for the longest time, well, forever, I've always held the original OPI DS series as the standard in holo making.   But I think all that is about to change.

Let's talk colour first.   One of my Holy Nail Grails has been the perfect holo pink.  Whilst I own some nice ones - HITS Athena - and some gorgeous ones have been released this summer - the mainly bubblegum pinks from Different Dimension and Girly Bits - I have never found a pink with the intensity I was craving.  Until now.

The pink on this is amazing.  In the bottle, she looks rose pink, but no, get her on the nail and all this violet amazingness comes out as well as some serious KAPOW factor.

And I think that's where this polish REALLY wins.  The BEND is extraordinary.  TRULY extraordinary.    This is a linear holo, but even so, the bend is off the charts.  And deep, very deep.

I literally haven't stopped staring at this polish since I put it on on Thursday night.  It is just transfixing.  I can't drink it in enough.  It's intense, fascinating and lush.  Just - WOW.  And maybe, just maybe, this is THE best holo formulation to ever hit the planet.

You can buy Emily de Molly in lots of places - mine came from Sally Magpies HERE.  Best of all, I have 2 more holos to show you, AND I've nail arted with them :)

Emily de Molly for Queen of the World!  Enjoy xx :)
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