Saturday, 15 June 2013

Crumpet Reviews ESSENCE Prom-Berry & Gorgeous Bling Bling

Hi Goddesses

Happy Weekend!  I feel so behind on the blog at the moment, so don't be surprised if there's a lot of posts this weekend!  The double whammy of 2 heavy art weeks has exhausted me and made me not want to blog or paint when I've gotten home from work.  Seriously, how can I *already* be behind when I just had a week off lol?

Anyway, today I have 2 lovely Essence polishes for you, which were sent to me for review by Sally Magpies.  You can visit her amazing store HERE or click on her logo in my side bar.

Essence polishes are great quality and reasonably priced at £2.75 for an 8ml bottle.  I love the new dumpy shape of the bottles, and I'm also really impressed that they match the wand to the type of polish - can you see on the orange bottle how it matches the exact speckles of the polish?

So, the orange one is called Gorgeous Bling Bling and it is sensational.  It's a really unique shade of orange, and I love it.

It reminds me most of burnt sugar and home made toffee.  It has a rich dark orange tone, and is laden with gold flakies.   Really gorgeous.

Then we have Prom-berry - holy of the molies!   Will you LOOK at that polish?    This is one of the darkest purples I own, but it's the glossiness of it that blows me away.

I love some of these photos - they're like staring into a purple lake.   Glassy, fathomless, fascinating.   

If you're looking to expand your polish collection for summer, Essence are great buys - cheap, cheerful and great quality :)

Enjoy xx :)
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