Sunday, 30 June 2013

Crumpet Reviews LILYPAD LACQUER True Blood

Hi Goddesses

Ok, they've done it again - ANOTHER polish that just has to be seen on its own, so that you can enjoy / endure the eleventythree billion photos I have taken :)

Lilypad Lacquer is a new Aussie brand, and it's SENSATIONAL.   Nicole's range features holos, duochromes, neons and just all out amazingness.   I was sent 3 polishes for review by the lovely Sally Magpies about 4 weeks ago, and it's been HELL not sharing them with you sooner!  Oh, deliciousness!

Today's post is True Blood.   Given the name, I expected this to be either bright red or dried-blood red, but it's actually purple.  However, I don't know what the hoo-ha voodoo Nicole came up with, but I have NEVER seen a purple like this before.

In all the photos, look at the bottle.  Can you see that oil slick rainbow?  Yellow, green, blue - how is that possible?  This bottle is like a liquid, molten bruise.  The magic of this polish is just off the scale.

The Lilypads vary in terms of the their holo structure - this one is unashamedly linear and bendier than a 6yr old gymnast.  The purple in this is soooo murky and indefinable though ... this is polish as a work of art.

I think I took 50 photos of this polish.  Sometimes it was just too much for my camera, and focus was impossible.  The camera isn't the only thing that can't focus when this polish is around - it's AMAZING!

The quality of these polishes is high - good brush and application, lovely formula - so lovely in fact that I then just had to go and do this ...... :)

So, er yes, LOTS of Lilypad coming up on the blog VERY soon.  In the meantime, they launch at Sally Magpies later this week - seriously, you do NOT want to miss out.

Enjoy xx :)
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