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Crumpet Reviews - LITERARY LACQUERS Anne of Green Gables Collection

Hi Goddesses

Wow, another day, another new polish Collection.  Today it’s the turn of one of my favourite ladies, Amy from Literary Lacquers.  As always, the collection is inspired by books, and this one takes all its cues from Anne of Green Gables.

This is also the collection with the green holos!!!  I know a lot of you have been drooling about these, and yes, they are stunning.   For my money, Literary Lacquers is currently the best maker of holos out there – they have intense bend and rainbow-tasticness.  Let’s take a closer look.

I decided to show the greens side by side so that you could compare them.  Lake of Shining Waters is the darker, slightly teal one, and Green Gables is the pure grass green one.

Lake of Shining Waters has a lot of that cold holo goodness that Glitter Gal Lizard Belly has.  Whilst it has teal leanings, this reminds me most of a pine forest – all cool blue tones and iciness.

Green Gables, I have to admit, is pretty special.  Will you look at the holo that’s going on ?  This is just incredible, not just in bend, but in the way it sucks in and holds onto the light, like a lawn on a summer’s day.

I am sure you green lovers will need both, but if you’re only looking for one, Green Gables will be hard to beat.  You’ve got to admire how brightly this is pigmented too.  The stuff that makes a polish holographic greys out the colour – so to get such a bright and intense colour really is a triumph.

Now to my favourite – Raspberry Cordial.  Wow, this is complex.   In the bottle this looks like a pink glitter polish but oh wow it is so much more.

Firstly, the camera hasn’t enjoyed photographing this.  For the most accurate picture, look at the bottle shot.  This is a medium to dark rose / bright pink with holographic glitter ….. and holographic bend!  Yup.  Initially, I was so blown away by the glitter, I didn’t even notice the bend lol.

This is just a superb polish, and one I think I’ll be wearing a LOT this summer.   I just love it. There’s something faintly ethnic about it too.  Just --- ahhh, drool !!!

Marilla’s Amethyst Brooch is the one I paired Raspberry Cordial with, and oooooh too.   In the bottle, this looked like another lilac shimmer, but that undersells it a LOT.

This is another complex polish.   Beautifully shot through with foil, this is embedded texture heaven.   Glorious, fascinating.  So much more than the sum of its parts.

I can’t wait to stamp over this, and I also think it will look killer with a matte top coat.

When Amy told me about Carrots, Carrots I was a little worried.  Peachy-orangeyness is not a good place for me, but she assured me it would get Crumpet Approval (lol how cool is that term?  I think it should be an industry standard!) and do you know what, she was right, again.

CC has a pastel orange base and is then littered with a piñata of orange glitters and white glitters of all shapes and sizes.    I wore mine solo and this is 3 coats, but I imagine you could get some cool variety layering it over white, coral or anything in between.

And finally Anne With An E.   Initally, this polish perplexed me, but she’s a grower.  This is unicorn sheer, laden with shimmer and opalescent glitters, making this as subtle as a glitter topper can be.

For ultra madness, I layered it over red – doesn’t it look sensational?  I wanted to show that despite the fact it looks white in the bottle, it is actually super sheer.

Initially I layered it over a pastel skittle, but hated the results.  However, I’ve included a pic or 2 because what I found fascinating is how the opal qualities reacted differently to each polish base.  Super cool.

So there you go – 6 polishes, all winners, and I think Amy is getting better and better with each collection.  You’ll be able to get an insight into her process soon through the Crumpet Chats To series.

This collection goes on sale today at noon Mountain Time (whatever that is lol, we don’t have mountains in the UK) and can be bought HERE.  You can also check Facebook out HERE.

These polishes were sent to me for an honest review.  Enjoy xx

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