Monday, 3 June 2013

Dexter Week - Blood Blood Everywhere!

Hi Goddesses


Honestly, I can barely contain my excitement.  Dexter is one of my favourite TV shows EVERRRRRR, and yet I only got into it a few months ago.  Advantage?  Watching 6 series in 4 weeks is just AWESOME!

I blame Black Cat Lacquer.  And Missy.   BCL sent me some polishes to review which were inspired by Dexter, and I didn’t have a clue what they meant lol, and then Missy was all “omg you HAVE to watch it.”   So I did.  And I loves.

Today’s mani is the only blood mani of the week.    It’s so easy to do blood splatter to represent this show, and it’s about so much more than that.  Also, I only just did a Dexter mani with blood in a couple of months ago, so I wanted this week to go in a different direction.

However the show IS all about the blood.   It’s defined Dexter’s life since his memories began, it soothes him and it heals him.  So there had to be 1 blood mani :)

The thumb is the blood slide – from the calling card in Season 1 to LaGuerta’s fate in Season 7, it’s been all about the blood slides, an oddly clinical keepsake of such an emotional event.

Then we have a lake of blood.  I actually made my own blood for this mani.  My recipe was 50% clear polish, 25% China Glaze Velvet Bow and 25% Bettina 47.  It was a really good move, and gave me the less opaque tones I was after.

I then splattered with it, and created a blood drop with it.  These are over a base of OPI My Vampire Is Buff.  I particularly like the dripping blood.  I just put a huge blob of my recipe on my nail, and then let it dribble down – simples!  And then finally, another blood pool.

Don’t forget to check out my lovely besties, and I’ll be back tomorrow with my Ice Truck Killer nails :)  Enjoy xx

Missy at Gnarly Gnails
Emma at Manicurity

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