Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Dexter Week Day 3 - The Death of Rita Cupcake

Hi Goddesses

Day 3 of Dexter Week and today we turn to a pivotal character – Rita.  I have to say, I hated her eventually, yet I loved her at the start, so where did it all go wrong?

In Season 1, she was great, the perfect beard for Dexter – mousy, fighting to not remain a victim, struggling for independence.  She was downtrodden, but you rooted for her, apart from when she kept being nice to Paul.

By Season 2, Julie Benz, (the actress who played her) had had Botox.  And this was when I started to get ratty.  Rita wouldn’t have had Botox …. What Rita did do though was become a right royal pain in the ass, trying to get Dexter to admit he was an addict, practically hurling him into a support group … and the waiting arms of the annoying Lila.

Season 3 and Rita has aspirations.  Life is getting better, and I really didn’t mind her “I’m going to be a realtor” story line.  But look at the Rita in that wedding – where did the original Rita go?

And then Season 4.  THUD.   I’ve been asked not to give spoilers, but it’s so hard to discuss Season 4 without discussing Rita.   Firstly, her martyr-mommy act really got on my nerves.   Secondly, I really wish I didn’t have a bad habit of going on IMDB to find out more about actors …. And then notice that some actors star in less episodes than others ….

So the end didn’t come as a shock, per se, which is a shame, as I can only imagine the electricity of watching the Season 4 closer, not knowing what was to come.  The shocker for me though, was not the what, but the when.   Dexter wins, or so we think.  He kills Trinity.  He wins.  And THEN he loses.

So I was glad to see Rita go, which is a shame, as I haven’t liked any of his post-Rita women with the exception of the fabulous Hannah McKay, but wow, if you’re gonna go, go in a way that will be remembered forever.

Today’s manicure features – 
Thumb – Home Sweet Home stamp from Cheeky Jumbo Plate 7, over a sponged mani reflecting the colour scheme of the Rita-Dexter home
Index – the bath tub, with taps
Middle – the pool of blood and the poignancy of how Dexter found Harrison
Index – Rita Cupcake, always cooking something in that bloody kitchen!
Pinkie – the bath ….

Don’t forget to check out my awesome lady loves – I’ll be back tomorrow with a LaGuerta inspired mani :)  xx Enjoy.

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