Thursday, 6 June 2013

Dexter Week - Day 4 - Foxy LaGuerta

Hi Goddesses

Day 4 of Dexter Week already!  This show is so rich and textured that coming up with 5 ideas wasn’t hard, and as we all love the show so much, I bet we could have done a whole month with a bit of effort.

Today’s post is all about LaGuerta, a character I have loved and occasionally hated, due to her unfixed moral compass!  I love that there is such a powerful female character in the show, someone so overtly ambitious and political, yet also human when it counts, and true to her roots.

Truth be told, I love her wardrobe too – all hothouse flowers and animal prints.  Scrap that – I want her jewellery!  She wears some amazing long delicate necklaces, and I hope she’s left them to me in her will :)

I made this collage of the images which inspired today’s mani.  Whilst my recreations aren’t spot on, I hope you can at least tell which is which!   I think I need to do a whole mani at some point with that amazing green blouse – there was just too much going on for one nail.

I’m still slightly conflicted about the end of Season 7.    The photos below sum up the narrative of that Season, but the last scenes were still pretty shocking – and for me, slightly incredulous.   For once, the writers trapped the characters, and with nowhere else to go, LaGuerta’s death was inevitable.  As the last EVER episode of Dexter, I could accept it, but it seems strange with this last season to go – I just don’t know how they’re going to weave it.  I desperately want this show to go out at the top, but I’m worried they may have blown their load too early.

One last mani from me tomorrow, and then the official countdown begins …. Ah Dexter, whatta show!

Missy at Gnarly Gnails
Ashley at Smashley Sparkles
Emma at Manicurity
Kerrie at PishPoshandPolish

Enjoy xx

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