Friday, 7 June 2013

Dexter Week - Opening Credits

Hi Goddesses

Sadness!  Today is the end of Dexter Week – boooooo.  I’ve really enjoyed doing these manis.  It’s a highly visual show and it’s translated really well to the nail.  Unlike the hell of Book Week which the Digit-al Dozen are doing next week but that’s another story …

So today we end with the beginning, and the coolest opening credits in the history of television.   They are mundane and sinister all at the same time, with that superb music tinkling through the background.

It’s so easy to assume that each image is an image of death or its instruments, but it turns out to be floss, a shave, a t-shirt.  Genius.  Pure genius.

I found this amazing collage on the web, which I used as my inspiration piece.

So what have I got on my nails?  Welllll ….
Thumb – sinkhole with drippy blood
Index – coffee beans in the grinder – stamping image of beans from Cheeky Jumbo Plate 7
Middle – the egg!
Ring – I struggled a little with this one – it’s supposed to be the smooshed up blood orange after it’s been mushed on the glass juicer thingy
Pinkie – floss

So, Dexter endeth this season.  I have to say, they’ve done amazingly well not only to make something so abhorrent so watchable, but also to keep the quality ratio so high.  I personally felt Season 7 wasn’t of as high a standard, but that’s also the only series I haven’t been able to watch in one great big chunk (it’s my first experience of watching it week by week).  So I need to see for this last series whether I can manage to store the episodes up and then watch them just as the last one approaches.  Argh, so much planning!

Oh and you know how I mentioned the other day how imdb can ruin a storyline by showing you a character doesn’t make it all the way through the series?   Yup, I’ve done it again.  Ggggrrrrr.

I’m going to read the books next – I’ve heard great things about them, so I’ll let you know.  I hope you’ve enjoyed Dexter Week, I sure have, and make sure you check out my besties – they’ve really played a blinder this week, especially Emma :)  Enjoy xx

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