Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Digit-al Dozen DOES Book Week - Wibbly Pig

Hi Goddesses

After yesterday's Kipper mani, today pays homage to another Mick Inkpen character - Wibbly Pig.

 Everyone Hide From Wibbly Pig was probably Beth's first "favourite" book.   The entire family hide, and Wibbly Pig has to find them.  Are they behind the curtains ?  Beth lifts curtain flap ..... Doh.

Are they behind the sofa?   Beth pulls down sofa flap and shakes head.  Doh.    Maybe in the shower?  Doh.

The best bit would be when she got to the final page and she knew exactly where to find her piggy and she would get more and more excited until with barely controlled glee she would exclaim "Dare he is!"

As an illustrator, Mick Inkpen is just incredible.  Every book he has created is heart-warming, and I can't thank him enough for giving Beth such an exciting introduction to books.

This mani was brought to you by w7 white, OPI Sparrow Me The Drama and Steady As She Rose and some acrylic paints.

Enjoy xx :)

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