Monday, 10 June 2013

Digit-al Dozen DOES Books - For The Love Of Harry Potter

Hi Goddesses

Soooo, back to work for me today after a glorious week in the company of my daughter and the nail room, but I gotta tell you, a hard day’s work is as NOTHING compared to the hard work this week’s Digit-al Dozen challenge has caused.

This week we are doing Book Week.   And I love books.  So why the hardship?  Well, all the books I love, I couldn’t think of how to translate to the nail –
The Bell Jar
Wuthering Heights
The Time Traveller’s Wife

So then I ended up with a list of “doable” manis – 
Types of book
Types of fiction
Types of non fiction

And none of it inspired me at all.  And something happened which rarely does – for 2 days, I didn’t paint my nails.  I was paralysed by knowing I had to do this challenge, and I desperately didn’t want to do manis for the sake of doing manis – I wanted to produce something I loved.

But I had already done those things before – I did a whole 7 day Harry Potterthon last year,  I did a book worm this year, books I love which I feel I could translate, I have already.  Waaaaaaaah.  

So in the end, I succumbed, and picked things I could do and be happy with.  The other girls will, of course, knock it out of the park, especially Jacki, so sorry, but I promised myself this year I wouldn’t post average stuff or things I wasn’t happy with.

So although dear Harry Potter (again) isn’t my most inspired choice, it is THE book (series) which has had and continues to have the most impact.  I’m so proud of JK Rowling for reminding children why reading is such fun, and I love that Beth and I love reading it over and over and over.  Nothing sums it up better than this, one of my favourite quotes – 

The books also make me quite emotional.  They are for me, totally about love, from Lily’s sacrifice to Voldemort’s inability to love or understand love, to the bond between Harry, his friends and his teachers, and finally, about the love that inspires sacrifice.

My thumb shows Harry, the index The Deathly Hallows, the middle, a heart, for love, the ring finger shows the snitch, which opens so emotionally at the close, and the pinkie is the Slytherin locket horcrux which tests our trio’s love to breaking point.

Harry Potter is a phenomenon that will endure, but do me a favour.  When you think of it, don’t think of commerciality or the films or the theme parks, think about what lies at its heart – friendship, the fight for a better world, and the very best kinds of love.

Enjoy xx :)

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