Saturday, 1 June 2013

The Crumpet - A Whole Lotta New Coming Your Way :)

Hi Goddesses

Today is an exciting day :)  It's the first of the month, AND the dawn of a new era on The Crumpet.

For the last few weeks, I have been plotting where I want to take the blog for the rest of the year, and what features seem to get the best response.  This has led to a few changes in how I am going to do things and also leads to some exciting new content which I hope you're gonna LOVE.

So what's in store?

Every Sunday, there will be a magazine length article on someone in the nail community.   It could be a blogger, a polish maker, and e-tailer or someone else of influence.  It starts tomorrow with a blogger some of us have a BIG crush on :)


This is the one I'm most excited about.   We have all taken this road together, and whilst some of us may be further down it, we ALL had the same initial experiences, from OMG There Are HOLOS?  to How The Hell Do I Get This Glitter Off My Nails lol.    So TSDOAP is a slightly fictionalised account of my own polish journey and the addictions, obsessions and crazinesses that occurred along the way.


Lots and lots of British polishes !!!


Each month, me and my bestie Missy from Gnarly Gnails are going to be recreating a mani we did this time last year.  We will then be recreating a mani the OTHER person did this time last year - fun stuffs!!!  By the way, that's supposed to start today and I still haven't written it lol.


You've started to see these posts.   They seem to involve the number 7 a lot, and I've got lots of fabbies lined up, like my 7 Essential Nail Art Products, 7 Stamping Tricks, My 7 Favourite Zoyas - so stay tuned!


This is a new one but one I've wanted to do for so long - it's a series of tutorials to help you get better at nail art, or learn how to correct mistakes - let's face it, I've a LOT of mistakes you can learn from lol.   I haven't decided yet whether to do these as photos or videos, on nails or swatch sticks - do you have a preference?

And amidst all that, there's still -
The Digit-al Dozen
Theme Week
Tri Polish Challenge
Work Wear Wednesday
Amateur Nail Art Contest
Blogger of the Month
My Favourite Things
Crumpet Reviews
and The Other Stuff, the new round up way to show you other polishes I've worn but not blogged.

Phew!  It's going to be GREAT.  A huge thank you to Missy for all the graphic help she has given me and I really think you're gonna LOVE IT.

See you later for the first of the new stuff :)  Enjoy xx
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