Thursday, 27 June 2013

Tri Polish Challenge - Feathers?

Hi Goddesses

So here we have my final post for this month's Tri Polish Challenge.  If I'm honest, I'm not entirely sure what it is, other than that it's not what I was aiming for lol!  Let's go lookie :)

This is on a base of w7 Silver Suede.  I'll be reviewing the Suedes and their fernickity application soon, but other than that, this is a great silver.

I then used those stickers that go round hole punch holes that we use for half moon manis, and placed them in different spots, and then reached for my 3 colours - Barry M Gelly in Blood Orange and Blackberry and Shocking Pink - and 3 striping brushes.

Now it's at this point I came unstuck.   My aim was to do thickish, irregular stripes with the colours, a bit like sunbeams. Unfortunately, being a lazy, messy, scummy kind of Crumpet, I hadn't cleaned my striper brushes .... and just assumed they would play nice.

No.  So instead we have some wonkiness, some OMG this brush won't work-ness, some ARRRGGH, and some what is wrong with this brush -ness.

Seriously girls, clean your brushes!  Lol.  So because of the dirty brushes that didn't have much desire to paint, I ended up with quite thin lines, rather then the shapes I was after, and I guess that's why now they remind me of feathers.

It's not a TOTAL fail, cos I see things in here that interest me enough to try something similar again, but it sure ain't no prize winner either!

Enjoy xx :)

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