Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Tri Polish Challenge - Red Pink and Purple - Large Flowers

Hi Goddesses

Another month, another Tri Polish Challenge, and this month the colours are red, pink and purple.  I’ve gone for a Barry M trio of Blood Orange, Shocking Pink and Blackberry.

Red, pink and purple … ah, it doesn’t get much better.  There’s something about how these colours clash and collide that is pure awesome.  Unfortunately, all I can see in my head are flowers, so I hope you’re up for some floral manis lol.

I had had the idea to do a large flower mani since seeing something similar on One Nail To Rule Them All.  The idea was to show aspects of the flower across all the nails.

I did these nails in reverse, starting with 2 coats of Shocking Pink.  I then sketched in the shape of my flowers with my white Barry M Nail Art pen.

I then took my Blood Orange and coloured in the parts of my nail that weren’t the flower, and finally took the white pen again, and the Blackberry and did a little embellishment.

This was actually super easy – I have a yearning to try it with a bit of orange thrown in :)

Enjoy xx

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