Sunday, 9 June 2013

Turquoise Texture Skittle

Hi Goddesses

I have a fun and simple little mani today – a skittle, based on texture.  I think I’ve mentioned that I have a bit of an obsession with turquoise at the moment, and as I looked at my polish rack, an idea was born :)

So basically, this is super simple – we have matte, texture, holo, crème and shimmer.  

Our players are – 
Thumb – for the Matte, ManGlaze ILF
Index – for the Crème, OPI Can’t Find My Czechbook
Middle – for the texture, KIKO 637 Turquoise
Ring – for the holo, Above The Curve Kahuna
Pinkie – for the shimmer, Sation Oh My Oceania

A couple of things – this mani was a funny one to wear to work.  I got accused of having boring nails, until I whispered, “look closer”.  Lol.

Also, the Sation (on the pinkie) is one of my favourite turquoises, but look how much it greens out in comparison to the others.  This is just a trick of the photography, but it amused me, all the same.

So obviously now my mind turns to which other skittles I can do …. Red?  Yup.  Pink?  Yup.  Lilac?  Yup.  Oh the fun!

Enjoy xx :)

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