Monday, 1 July 2013

Back In Time - Hot Hot Hot Aztec

Hi Goddesses

Oh I am very conflicted about this post!  I changed the essence of the mani ... and now, well I don't even know whether I've created something better lol.

Recap - Back In Time, where myself, Missy and Ashley go back to this time last year and recreate a mani.   I picked this mani from last year, which had a ruby-orange-yellow gradient, with some Aztec-ish stamping on top.

I remember quite loving the mani at the time, and thought it looked ripe for a makeover.  The gradient is crude - I believe I did one colour at a time - and the stamping isn't even centred ....

This time, I went with a lighter red, China Glaze Igniting Love, LACC 1964 and CG Papaya Punch.   I did a proper 3 layer gradient with a sponge, and trust me, once it was done it was so smooth, it looked like a ripening tomato.

And I think this is where the mani loses some of its charm.  That gradient is so damned subtle, you can't even tell there are 3 colours in there.   It's a little more obvious in real life, but I had to try very hard to capture the yellow on camera.

And then there's the stamping.  I'm so much better than I was a year ago, but you'd never know it from these photos! This stamp did not want to pick up for love nor money, and when it did, it wouldn't deposit it all on the nail either!   The only difference between then and now?  At least now I know it's not ME that's the problem - bloody stamping lol.

So although I do like this mani, mainly due to the tomatoey goodness of the gradient, I think I prefer the rough-edged charm of the original.

Which one is your fave?  Enjoy xx :)
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