Saturday, 13 July 2013

Crumpet Reviews - Above The Curve - Gratitude, Geneviere and Sugar Rush

Morning Goddesses

It's a very lazy day here today in the Crumpet house.   I will be mainly hiding though, because the temperature is supposed to reach 30 degrees, and me and heat ... we do not get on!    Now that I've treated myself to a blogging holiday, I am actually going to spend a large portion of today READING!!  And I mean a book, not blogs lol.

Today we have 3 lovely Above The Curve polishes I was sent for review.  ATC produce some AWESOME holos, which you've already seen on the blog.  However, they also have this weird knack, where if they produce a polish that only looks "ok" in the bottle, it somehow transforms to wow on the nail lol.  I was underwhelmed by all 3 of these when I unwrapped them, but they completely changed my mind once they were on my nails.

First up is Gratitude, a lovely sea-green-blue duochrome with a holo edge.

The beautiful thing about this polish is how much golden light it contains - really serene.

This was a little thin, and I needed 3 coats, but I don't mind that.

Next up is Geneviere, which is pretty much everything I hate in a polish - ie, it's peach!  Lol.  Yet despite that, this looked super classy on my nails - like a ladies who lunch polish!

To be fair, it nestles somewhere where pink just tip-toes over the peach state line, and that sparkle just tips it into lovely.  Really elegant.

Finally Sugar Rush.   I hate white glitter polishes lol.   They bore me, and I hate that there are millions of them, when they are all essentially the same.

That said, this applied REALLY easily, spread beautifully, and gave me no issues whatsoever.

I have more ATC beauties to show you over the next few weeks.  In the meantime, you can purchase HERE, or follow their great Facebook page HERE, where they have a lovely community vibe going on.   I really like the Erwins, they're really inclusive polish makers, and make a lot of effort to include their customers in their brand.

Enjoy xx :)
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