Saturday, 20 July 2013

Crumpet Reviews - The Polish Bar Summer 2013 Holo Jellies Collection

Hi Goddesses

I hope you're all well and enjoying your break from me :)  I think I chose a good time to take a breather.  It is currently hotter than the hottest thing in HotLand in the UK at the moment and I DO NOT DO HEAT!  I am fair skinned, reddish haired .... argh, it's a nightmare for me, and it's pooping me out!  Hopefully it will freshen up soon.

Today I have the latest collection for you from The Polish Bar, one of my favourite indies.  For months I've been begging Janice to abandon the pastels lol, and she sure has - in style.

I'll start with the formula, because these polishes are plain WEIRD to apply, but oh so worth it.   They are quite thick - so more like a syrup than a jelly - but then dry very thin!   So you need to build opacity, and I used 4 coats.   Because the polish is so thick when it's on the brush, I was really worried I'd end up with a 3 inch thick mani lol, but this doesn't happen, as it dries flat, thin and matte.  One of the polishes was a little thinner and therefore easier to apply, so don't be afraid to add one or 2 drops of thinner if you don't like applying thicker polish, especially as the gooeyness means you get drag if you try to restroke an area.   All that said, although they took a bit more effort to apply, these are TOTALLY worth it.  Shall we?

Cobalt Blue is stunning, exactly what is says on the tin :)  Utterly vivacious and intense, this is for you if you love Baker Street and that type of shade.

Being the darkest of the 5 polishes, this was slightly more opaque.  I love the drama of the colour against the subtlety of the scattered holo.

Electric Violet was a little tricksy.  You'll notice that she goes on lighter than the bottle, not that that's a problem, but she does have some identity issues lol.

She's quite complex, which is what's giving the mixed coours you see in the photos.  In real life, this was NOT as obvious, and her colours are more subtly mixed.

Orange Crush is a bright intense orange holo - so bright it burns!  Honestly, this is so juicy and succulent, amazing!

You can see some VNL in these photos, but you couldn't in real life.  The polish covered really well and is just an awesome summer colour.

The 2 pinks are the standouts of the collection.    Shocking Pink is the paler of the 2 and is just DELICIOUS!

The holo works really well in this one.  Lush, bubblegummy happiness, this is another one that is perfect for summer.   Honestly, just looking at it makes me happy.

Very Fuchsia is the darker of the 2, and just as gorgeous - this leans a little more magenta.

Again, this is a fabulous summer colour, and looks great with the holo peeking through.

I love these polishes.   The jelly format makes them super succulent.   I personally chose not to photograph them before I added top coat, as I tend not to like polishes that dry too matte, so you may want to check out some other bloggers to see how versatile these babies are.

These polishes were sent to me for my honest review.  They are on sale now HERE and don't forget to follow The Polish Bar on Facebook HERE.

Enjoy xx 
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