Sunday, 14 July 2013

Crumpet Reviews - Pretty Serious - Viscous Vampire, Elliot and Emma Louise

Morning Goddesses

Today I have 3 Pretty Serious polishes to show you.  I purchased all these myself, but they are also all available for purchase at my favourite UK e-tailer, Sally Magpies - just click HERE to shop away :)

Pretty Serious

Pretty Serious is a brand that's come up on rails over the last few months.  I love the branding, especially the curvaceous Daphne, and it seems to be a brand that REJOICES in everything feminine.  Not only that, they make colours to die for.

Viscous Vampire had been on my wishlist for a while, and looking at it ... gah, seriously, this is one amazing red.

It's a beautiful true red, but laden with shimmer and pink flakies. It is just exploding with wow!

This might just be my very favourite "special" red polish.   I have a few that have added awesomeness, but everything about this one, from the glossiness to the pink flecking to the pigmentation, screams winner.

Elliot is .... well, I just can't work out WHAT shade of blue he is.  Firstly - this boy did NOT want to be photographed, so bear with me while I explain his complexity.

This is a deep dark turquoise, laden with hidden green.  There's a real grungey, murky edge to this polish which the camera has just blanched away.   There are petrol tones in here too, but I really don't think I have ever seen a shade of blue like this.

And will you LOOK at those flakies?  How special are they?

Emma Louise is is a purple glitter, infused with green.   I'm not totally sure that I am in love with this one, but it perfectly displays the quality of the Pretty Serious product.

The application of this glitter was EFFORTLESS - smooth, and easy.  I think I have 3 layers here, as I just wanted to level the colour out a little.   The opacity is what makes this a winner.  I've worn many similar polishes which were a pain to apply, but this really was a pleasure.

Pretty Serious are definitely one of the brands to watch at the moment.  They excel at duochromes too, and have a nice "interesting" variety of polishes - you can easily pick up something a little unusual, or something that you don't already have 5 "similar" bottles of.

Enjoy xx :)
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