Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Digit-al Dozen DOES Tape Manis - Jacava Reciprocal Gradient

Hi Goddesses

Wow, summer has FINALLY hit the UK!  Blooming heck it's hot!  By hot I mean 27C, which is about 5C over my maximum tolerance.  And there's no breeze!   I don't really do summer ....

So what better way to cool down than with this icy tape mani using Jacava Mont Blanc and Blueberry Muffin.

Reciprocal Gradient is the fancy name for this mani.  It was coined by Emma at Globe and Nail when she came up with the idea a few months ago, and it involves creating a gradient, adding tape in vertical lines, and then doing an OPPOSITE gradient over the top.   You then whip your tape off to reveal this amazing blurred / magic eye structure.

I deliberately made my gradient a little choppy, for added effect, and I left the ring finger in its initial phase, so you could see how it looked before I added tape.

A few of you yesterday were concerned with how long these manis take.  Well yesterdays, AFTER the white base coat had dried, probably took no more than 20 mins to do 1 paw.  Today's took longer because it required a gradient before adding the tape, but the tape and re-gradient was remarkably quick - probably 10 minutes for 1 paw.

Please make sure you check out the rest of the Girls - I've seen some amazing manis posted today.  Tape manis rock!! Enjoy xx :)

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