Friday, 12 July 2013

Digit-al Dozen DOES Tape Manis - Lilypad Lacquer Lotsa Lines!

Hi Goddesses

It's sadly the end of Tape Mani Week, and I've had a blast.  I have loved each and every one of the manis I've done, and I hope you have too.

You may have seen me post this photo a fortnight ago.  A bundle of amaaaaaazing Lilypad Lacquers, mostly holos ... soooo delicious.  In fact, there was only one problem - how do you decide which one to wear first?

The answer - like this!  Squeezing 5 on in one mani lol.  So here we have a delightful (aka "finickity") tape mani using, from the bottom up - 

I Love Lilac (I dooooo, I doooooo)
Purple People Eater
Blooming Violets
Pink Flamingo
Popping Purple

This was the trickiest of the tape manis that I did, purely because the detail is smaller and I have large paws lol.   I do like the pay off though ... apart from the imperfections.

I really hope you've enjoyed this week, and apart from a few reviews and posts I have promised to sellers, I'll see you in August!  Take care xx

Enjoy :)

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