Thursday, 11 July 2013

Digit-al Dozen DOES Tape Manis - Ziggle Zaggle

Hi Goddesses

How are you?  I hope you're good.  Me, I'm struggling a little, so I'm going to take me a little blog holiday.   I am constantly tired, and I think it's because effectively, I work as many hours on my blog as I do on my real job, (which is stressful enough), so I think I need a break to read, watch films, finally break Level 100 on Candy Crush lol .... you get the picture :)

My plan is to blog tomorrow as normal and then try and post a couple of reviews on Saturday, and then that will pretty much be it until the beginning of August, apart from any other reviews which I need to post (I have a couple in the pipeline).   I've never NOT BLOGGED before, and it makes me a little nervous, but the last couple of weeks it's really taken over my life - to the point where cooking dinner feels like an interruption!  So, some balance me thinks :)  I will be back, and hopefully the refresh will do me the world of good.

So, onto tonight's mani, and I am quite glad that this was the post I had planned for tonight, because all everyone wants is a reminder of where you can buy these stickers lol.  I can't remember if this is THE seller that I used, but THIS is the link to the identical product on eBay.   I suggest you just search for "french manicure stickers" - you'll get plenty of options.

So today is pretty much an identical mani to yesterday, with subtle variations.  Holo polish? Check.  Dark creme?  Check.  Light creme?  Check.  Sticker?  Check.   Today is ziggly rather than wibbly, and our theme is blue.

The beautiful base is Devotion by Emily de Molly, which is STUNNING - I just haven't managed to get it on the blog yet - and the cremes are Butter London Royal Navy (my favourite navy) and China Glaze Secret Peri-wink-le, an amazing blue, but I'm not sure it was totally right for this combo.

I love the dark danger of those sharp navy edges, and to be fair the CG has photographed well - it didn't give quite as much contrast in real life.

These stickers are brilliant, and I can't recommend them enough.  They are just the right stickiness, and so easy to use - and I LOVE that they come in such awesome shapes.

Back tomorrow for the final tape mani .... it was a labour of love :)  Enjoy xx  

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