Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Dollish Polish Swatch-a-Rama

Hi Goddesses

One of my favourite indie brands is Dollish Polish, it was the first one I really went crazy on, and as a result, I've had quite a lot of swatches lurking, good news, yes?  Noooo, bad news is that a lot of them have lurked for a year, so be prepared for bad lighting, nasty cuticles and rogue clean up!

First up we have GTL - Gym, Tan, Laundry - a lovely pale blue speckled polish.

The eye is drawn to the peach and steel-blue glitters, but it's the shimmer that really makes this polish a winner.

Sweet Dream Are Made of Glitter was bought in the hope a green would like me!  It's a lovely minty confection, sprinkled with small glitters.

As with a lot of these polishes, it's the glitter combination that makes or breaks it, and the purple in this definitely works, but this wasn't a total winner for me.

Next up we have the infamous Toxic Avenger.   This is a genius of a polish, but we just didn't "get" each other.

This is a metallic rainbow in a bottle - multi-chrome, holographic - you name, this has got it going on.

This is one of those polishes that really kills me - I wish they looked better on me :(

And finally the sadness that is Vampire's Coven.   This was my standout from last year's Hallowe'en Collection, but man it looks rubbish on me.

In all the photos I saw, this had a blackISH base, and I was just gutted when I got this on the nail and all the magic seemed to disappear.  Oh well, you can't win em all!

That said, Dolly makes amazing polishes, and caters for a wide indie-loving spectrum.  Her formula is always spot on, and her customer service is great.

Enjoy xx :)
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