Sunday, 28 July 2013

Drool Britannia - Rimmel Metal Rush Polishes

Hi Goddesses

A couple of months ago, Rimmel released a small range of Metal Rush polishes.  They are all duochromes, which isn't anything too surprising, except that duochromes aren't really that often seen on the UK High Street, so a lot of UK nail babes got very excited.  Let's have a gander.

Purple Reign is my absolute favourite.  This polish is STUNNING.

This is a ruby to purple duochrome and it just ... argh, it sings to my heart, it really does.

I could sit and stare at this polish all day, and actually, I have haha.  It's just amazing, like an exotic parrot.  I love how it touches on every colour in that pink-purple-magenta spectrum.  Delish.

Royal Blue is interesting.  I didn't LOVE this one, or rather, I half loved it.

I love this when it reaches the dusty steely slightly purple hued blue, but I am not so keen on it when it's in the more petrol / teal hued state.

That said, this is quite an unusual colour shift, not one that I've seen in other duochromes, and it is lovely enough, unlike ....

Pearly Queen.  OMG, what happened here? My eyes, my eyes!  This is just ghastly.

In the bottle, this is a lovely nude shimmer which reminded me a little of OPI Rent.  Super swirly, like fairy blood.

On the nail - wow, where does all that yellow come from?   I  suspect it should be gold shimmer, but all I see is neon highlighter nastiness.  And no, it didn't look better over black :/

Still, 2 out of 3 ain't bad, especially when one of them is SUCH a winner.  Enjoy xx :)
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