Sunday, 21 July 2013

Jacava Water Marble

Morning Goddesses

And yes you heard right - Crumpet did a water marble!   They are one of my very very favourite nail art techniques, but I really struggle with them for a variety of reasons I've bored you with before.  I do think I am starting to eliminate the culprits though, and I am hoping to practice practice practice until I am GOOOOOOD lol.

This watermarble features the 3 Jacava polishes I was sent for review - Mont Blanc, Blueberry Muffin and Knightsbridge Opulence.  I think they work really well together.

Whilst I do like how this turned out, I am obviously drawn to the imperfections lol.  It bugs me that the ring finger is crisp and clean and the others are muddier - anyone have any ideas about that?

I also like how, totally by accident, the index and middle finger look like I've created a butterfly haha.

So water marble, still my favourite - to look at, not to do lol.

Enjoy xx :)
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