Saturday, 6 July 2013

JUNE - My Favourite Things

Hi Goddesses
And welcome to June's Round Up, albeit a little late!  I have too much going on at month ends I've decided .... gggrrr.

So, June has been kind to me.  I've loved some of the challenges I've been involved in - Dexter - and hated others - Book Week - and as ever, been amused that manis I thought were meh, can prove to be quite popular haha.

I've also been blessed with quite a lot of polish this month for review, which always makes me happy, as well as being a little bit naughty myself.  I'll show you my haul at the end.

General Highlights
* we are currently at 2400 on Facebook - really close to 2500, which feels like a milestone
* it's sort of my 2nd anniversary.  It's a year since I celebrated my 1st year in blogging, but my first nail polish post didn't appear til the August, so I'm always confused when I should celebrate
* and we've launched all sorts of new features which seem to be going down really well - Secret Diary of a Polishaholic, Crumpet Chats to, How To (the tutorials), Crumpet's Choice

So, let's see some of this month's favourite things  - 

 Favourite Polish of the Month - 

As ever, there are lots of polishes in the running for this prize, and it's almost exclusively indie makers that are in consideration.

There were 2 polishes which literally took my breath away this month - The Dark Defender by Cadillacquer (homage to Dexter)

and Where Boys Fear to Tread by Emily de Molly.  Both stunning.

Highlights of the Month

This one is a bit general, but a milestone nevertheless.  After 2 years of doing this, I finally feel I have arrived.  I finally feel, when I look at my photos, that I have served my apprenticeship, that my eye for colour is better, that my execution is neater, and that the photography is better.  Wow, it's been a long road, but all of a sudden, as if someone flicked a switch, I feel that the quality of my output is massively improved (and hopefully you do too lol).

Bummer of the Month

Lol I love this cat so much haha.  I think my Bummer was Book Week - man it took a lot of effort to drag that out of me!  I really struggled, but eventually, I liked what I came up with.

Also, I hate when I get behind.   Last weekend I had no energy at all, yet I had posts to write, polishes to swatch, art to do.  So what did I do? I played Candy Crush.  Yup, I pulled the sloth card :)

Music of the Month

To be honest, not a lot going on here.  Nothing new has grabbed me - the ipod is still Glee heavy.

TV of The Month

I've spent most of the month watching Torchwood on Netflix and really enjoying it.   It reminded me of a Welsh X Files lol.

Product of the Month

This is a new category - created to show you this baby.  I subscribe to a Nails Inc package, and in the last 3, it's had this polish remover, where you stick your finger in, whirl it around and then ta-dah all the polish is supposed to be gone.

Initially I wasn't interested, but my friend Jess assured me it was great, and do you know what - it works like a dream!  It has a white chocolate flavour which I'm not super keen on, but it's a useful little tool.  I especially like that you can take one nail or one hand off, without damaging the other. Genius.

Stats of the Month

Total page views - 41k - stable.   

Number of Posts - 49 - hhhhmmmm slightly more than May, but still waaay under 2 a day :)

Highest Viewed Post - Crumpet Chats to Chalkboard Nails - 1846
Highest Viewed Post - Swatch - HITS Mari Moon - new releases - 639
Highest Viewed Post - Art - How To ... Acid Wash Nails - 544
Also, a little hurrah for a personal post, Don't Sex Up Suicide, which got 652 views

Loveliest Person of The Month

This is hands down Denise from Dizzy Little Digits.  She's a blogger I've been really impressed with this year, and we've chatted, and she's in one of my art groups  ... and then she sent me this, just cos.  Isn't that lovely?  Denise?  Smooooooch.

Excitingest Parcels of the Month

I've had a lot of excting nail mail this month.  I have been uber naughty and soothed my depression with these purrfect babies - 

And then, even more excitinger!   Look what I picked up at a craft store.  48 tubes of acrylic paint for nail art.  Every colour under the sun and they are HUGE 22ml tubes!!  GASP.  So excited for what I can do with these :)

Thank you to all the amazing polish makers and brands who have sent me products for review this month.  It's a constant source of pride and gratitude, and this month, it's really kept me going - I hope I've done you proud.

Enjoy xx
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