Tuesday, 30 July 2013

more piCture pOlish - Swirls

Hi Goddesses

So how did you find yesterday?  I hope you loved BLOGFEST as much as I did, and got a major kick out of seeing 130 of the world's best nail bloggers (and me) do some kick ass tutorials!  So much awesome on display!

Remember, if you want a Crumpet polish in the world, you need to vote for me within the next 12 hours by going HERE.  You also get the chance to win some piCture pOlishes :)

So, I mentioned yesterday that my piCture pOlish journey had not been an easy one.  That was mainly because I did a killer mani and then realised I'd broken the rules, and couldn't use it (you'll get to see it later in the week).  After that, NOTHING compared, and everything just lacked something.  Truth be told, I'm not overly in love with my finished BlogFest mani, although I do like its overall tone and colour scheme.

So this was Alternate #1 - Swirls.  This used the same technique I used a couple of weeks ago, that I originally saw on Fierce MakeUp and Nails.

I couldn't decided whether I loved this or hated it, and neither could everybody else I showed it to!  It got strong reactions, which is good, but ultimately, I don't know ... ultimately it didn't wow me.

By the way - does it look a little like a choc mint mousse to you?

Tomorrow we go polka-dotty!

Enjoy - and don't forget to vote ;) xx
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