Monday, 1 July 2013

Neon Week - Different Dimension Neon Holo Swirls

Hi Goddesses

This week is Neon Week on the blog, just as the sun in the UK is FINALLY starting to shine!

I must admit, I wasn't too head over heels with the idea, but once I started, I literally have not been able to stop.  So much so in fact, that I won't be doing the Tri Polish Challenge this month because right now IT'S ALL ABOUT THE NEONS!!!!  Lol.

Today's design features 3 of the awesome neon holos from Different Dimension.  The purple is called Whatever, the orange is Tubular and the pink is Ditz.  These all have an amazing thick formula and almost look like gel nails once on.  Truly fabulous.

The pattern was inspired by THIS tutorial from Fierce Make Up and Nails a couple of weeks ago.  I saw it and fell in love, and whilst mine is a *little* bit different, it wouldn't have been born without Nori's amazing talents.

I love how this came together, and how obnoxious yet "right" the colours look together :)  It reminds me of a big swirly tutti frutti ice cream.

Enjoy xx  :)  

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