Friday, 5 July 2013

Neon Week - Different Dimension Neon Holos

Hi Goddesses

And so Neon Week officially comes to an end.  I am a little shocked by how much I've loved it, but never fear, I have enjoyed it sooooo much that there is much more neon to come over the next couple of weeks.  It makes me HAPPY !!!

We end the week with some swatches I did a while ago.  I think these polishes came out at the end of January and I remember being *ridiculously* excited.   Since then, the world and its mother have released some amazing punk bright holos, but ooooh, I do love these.

So these are from the 80s Baby Neon Collex by Different Dimension.  I bought a couple and was also sent a couple for review.   What I love most is the thickness of these polishes.  They are all 2 coaters, but ridiculously glossy, so much so that every time I have worn then, people have asked me whether I am wearing gels.  No, just great polishes :)   The holo is scattered, for a delicate effect which doesn't battle the colour, but works with it.

Whatever is the purple.  It's hard to get a neon purple, but this is loud and bright and lovely.

Ditz is the bubblegum pink.  We've seen this shade a LOT this summer, and I must do a comparison post, because I think I have a whole paw's worth of polishes in this colour now.

A proper pink holo was my summer holy nail grail, and this one does not disappoint.  Rich, cheerful, but not sickly.

Homeboy is the blue.  He is brash and loud too - a really lovely bright shade.

This one isn't too neon, which makes it all the more versatile.

And finally Tubular, the orange.   This one looks sensational, and wow, what a unique colour to get in holo format.

This just looks amazing from every angle - intensity turned up to 11, and fazers definitely on stun.

All of these polishes can be bought on Etsy HERE and you can follow on Facebook HERE.  Some of these polishes were sent to me for an honest review - regardless, I love them all.  Enjoy xx :)
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