Thursday, 4 July 2013

Neon Week - Tangled In My Saran Wrap

Hi Goddesses

I really don't understand why, but I have found Neon Week really inspiring and liberating.  Maybe it's that the colours are so "out there", that it makes you feel like anything goes, artwise.  Either way, I am a happy bunny this week.

Today's art is super simple, and is a great one for you to try if you want to dip your toe in the experimental pool. 

All the nails started with 2 coats of w7 White, and then got Saran Wrapped!  For those of you who don't know, this is when you apply your 2nd colour over your first, and then, whilst it's wet, attack it with a ball of saran wrap (or cling film, as we call it in the UK).

Now, I am lazy.  I am upstairs in the nail room, and the cling film is downstairs, so I always use what every polishaholic owns - bubble wrap!  I take a piece about 1 inch by 2, scrunch it up, and then dab at the wet polish.

The great thing about this mani, is you can keep going til you get the look you want.  Sometimes, too much white will creep through, but on the next dab, some of the colour (which is now on your saran wrap) will re-adhere to the nail.   If you need more help to rebalance, just add a line of polish to your nail, and maneovre it around.

I love the texture of a saran mani, but top coat does smooth it out.  Whilst it still looks great, it can lose a little something.

Finally, I added everybody's favourite black glitter, Wet N Wild Tangled In My Web, which was just perfect for this mani.

The colours used, thumb to pinkie were - China Glaze Orange You Hot, OPI Ogre The Top Blue, w7 Flourescent Pink, Sally Hansen Limestone and OPI A Roll In The Hague.

Enjoy xx :)

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