Wednesday, 31 July 2013

piCture pOlish - Take 3 - Polka Dots

Hi Goddesses

And welcome to another chapter in the saga of piCture pOlish BlogFest lol.  Today's post is some really unsuccessful polka dots I did :(

Polka dots, I think, are the most popular nail art style out there.  Post them on a blog, or pinterest, and everything goes ker-AY-zeeee.  They're cheerful, easy to do, and just look effortless, so where did this one go wrong?

Well, not in the colours.  The 3 colours provided the perfect colour scheme, and whilst the dots may have popped more with brighter colours, the odds WERE in their favour for this mani.

The struggle comes with the size of the biggest dot, and this is where these amazing polishes (possibly combined with the heat) failed.   I just couldn't get a big enough blob on my largest dotting tool, which then makes the pattern kind of .... well, puny.

The PP polishes are great, don't get me wrong, but they are rather thick.  Usually, when you pull the wand out of the bottle, a nice big juicy drip falls off the brush, but that was not my experience here.  This made it difficult to create a good sized blob on my blobbing mat, plus the heat and my fan dried said blob really quickly (would have REALLY helped if I were doing a sugar spun mani though lol).

So, disappointed.  Dots should have worked so well, but didn't.  Hey ho.   Tomorrow, we have The War of The Roses, and the nub of all my BlogFest pain.

Enjoy xx :)
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