Thursday, 25 July 2013

Stamping Semi Successes

Hi Goddesses

So, I took my little blogging break and I do feel better for it.  What did I do?  Swatched a load of polishes, did a ton of nail art, edited and watermarked over 2000 photos and wrote 12 posts.  So, er, you did blogging stuff? Yeh, lol.

Today's post rounds up some stamping manis I've had lurking in the vault - one of them for, gulp, over a year.  None of them are what I'd call brilliant - they all have little imperfections which bug me, but I thought you'd like to see them, and draw comfort from the fact that no matter how long you've been stamping, you will ALWAYS have days when you are not the master lol.

Clockwork Combo

First up is this pretty combo from ..... 27th May 2012 lol.   This was NOPI Hello World, a layer of a Jordana glitter and then stamping.

Old hands, old nails .... even old camera lol!

Red and Silver Bubbles

I was so bummed this didn't work :(

This is the gorgeous Sally Hansen Red Handed, GALS26, and Essie No Place Like Chrome for the stamping.

Everything about this works .... except for the tips of my nails :(  The GALS designs are small, and my paws are quite big.  They also have half moons cut into EVERY design - why, gawd only knows.  And although my nails are short here ... ah, so close.  I haz sad face.

I Don't Know What It Is

Lol this is from a long long long LONG time ago - 3rd May 2012!! I can't remember which colour is the base, and let's face it, I have a lot of lilacs to choose from!

Some of the nails were then layered with Glitter Gal Soft Transitions in Soft Blue.  I bought the 3 Transitions polishes with excitement, but to be honest, they weren't my thing.

I then stamped with Konad white and I think the DRK-A plate ... but who knows lol.

Peach Ballgowns

I really liked this when I did it, was proud of it even, so I have no idea why it's taken a year to get to the blog lol.

This really reminds me of a full skirt of a Disney ballgown!  This was a gradient with a polish called Debbie (lol) by Andrea Fullerton, and Nails Inc Colville Mews, with stamping from Mash 46.

Autumn Trees

This one was done for the Autumn Week that never was, and my idea was to take autumnal colours and invert them, so that I stamped with plain gold rather than oranges.

On base we have the gorgeous Deutsch You Want Me Baby, and then I stamped with a tree pattern from a LeaLac plate.

What I don't understand though, is why I stamped upside down ....... hhhhmmm.

Enjoy xx :)
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