Sunday, 7 July 2013

WINNER - June Nail Art Contest

Hi Goddesses

And here we are, a little late, celebrating the June Crumpet Nail Art Winner, and it will be  the last winner for a while.

I'm going to retire the competition for a while, purely because of time constraints.  However, I know a lot of you value this platform, so I'm going to be introducing some Free For All Days on the Facebook page, where I will invite people to post manis and then reshare my faves.

So ... let's look at June's runners up shall we?

This super cute mani from Little Night Flower

I loved this simple 2 tone brightness from Squeaky Nails

and a cute sparkly butterfly from Manis By Moore

DRUM ROLL please ... and the winner is .....  this cute combo mani from Pretty Polishes



Well done to everyone involved - and don't forget to check the Facebook page later this week for our first Free For All :) xx
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