Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Work Wear Wednesday - Stronger by DIFFERENT DIMENSION

Hi Goddesses

Firstly, apologies that the WWW posts haven't been regular.  I know they were really popular with a lot of people, but I've struggled to be inspired by the theme, not being a natural pale polish person.  I will however keep it in spirit, and any polish that's remotely relevant will be posted in this slot - I have some gorgeous lilacs and Contrary Polishes waiting in the wings.

I swatched this a little while ago, but for some reason didn't get round to posting it.  This was sent to me for review, and really, I have no excuse.  I think it was doing a WWW post that put me off!

 This is the sister polish to the dusty lilac Wide Awake and it is just an outstanding polish in every way.  It's a grey-blue holo, not dissimilar to pale denim, and it is just beyond gorgeous.

I love how such a cold colour grabs such a golden glow from the holo rainbow.   Really, it didn't take much effort to get this baby to show off.

This also has tiny speckles of blue glitter in it, giving it a multi-dimensional wow factor.  The twinkle of the glitter is sublime. Seriously, this is one gorgeous polish.

You can buy Different Dimension HERE and follow on Facebook HERE.  Missi is currently one of my favourite polishmakers - she's effortlessly inventive and everything she makes is sublime, gorgeous and full of wow.

Enjoy xx :)
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