Monday, 5 August 2013

Chirality LE Polish - The Sinking Belle

Hi Goddesses 

I have something super special for you today and something I am so honoured to have been chosen for.  A couple of weeks ago, Amanda from Chirality Polish asked me if I would like to be the only blogger to swatch a LE polish, oh and it's a holo.  As stupid questions go, it had a negative IQ, and then I was all giddy waiting for it.

In the meantime, she released the wonderful McChris glitters, and I got the grumpies that I didn't have those to review .... and then she arrived .... The Sinking Belle.

Ah, she is so beautiful!  Serene, calming, delicious, fluffy, lush, divine .... there's a lot of adjectives in this post!

The Sinking Belle is a beautiful shade, a mixture of rose, mauve and milkshakey awesome.  This is really delicate on the nail, partly because of the scattered subtlety of the holo, which perfectly complements the colour.

This polish also has a delicious golden glow when the holo catches the light.  It's a juicy contrast to the cooler tones of the colour, and lifts it into the sublime.

This polish will be released on Saturday 10th August at Noon MST in a Limited Edition run of just 30 polishes in the BigCartel store only (so don't get lost on Etsy).

This polish was sent to me for review.  I think what I love almost as much as the polish itself is how one polish maker can make something as lush and ladylike as this AND something as colourful and crazy as the Cereal Killers.  That takes true talent.

Enjoy xx :)
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