Sunday, 25 August 2013

Crumpet Reviews Cadillacquer LE Polishes - Fireflies and Don't Be Scared

Hi Goddesses

Image of Fireflies & Don't Be Scared

Sometimes in life, bad things happen.  When you are a blogger, THIS is what classifies as a bad thing -

One of the joys of being a blogger is that sometimes awesome things happen, such as one of your favourite indie makers entrusting you to swatch 2 LE polishes.  Wow!  Beyond exciting!  But when this happens on the exact same day as the bad thing?  Dilemma ....

As you know, I use both paws on this blog, so usually, all would be good.  However, righty is currently in the midst of a tragedy of her own.  Harrumph.  It's hard when you respect the indie maker so much, and I seriously considered pulling out.  But Madeleine, bless her, said "go for it, I don't care if there are strange hand positions", so ... lol, here we go :)

Fireflies, well, I can't even tell you how awesome this is.  When I saw the bottle shot last week, I gasped, and in person, it's just as amazing.

This is pretty much the perfect Crumpet polish.  Purple, sparkly, multi-dimensional.  Amazing.

The base of this purple is fairly dark - a little darker than royal - but it's also filled with micro violet flecks, which give it an amazing overall colour quality.

The gold glitters give it a totally royal edge, and it perfectly fits the name of the polish.  There's a summer twilight quality to this that is just sublime.

Don't Be Scared is the polar opposite in many ways - a colour from the opposite end of the spectrum, and a very different glitter mix.

I wore Don't Be Scared on her own, 3 coats, but I imagine she would look lovely layered over something like OPI Steady As She Rose.  The base colour is a blue-toned baby pink.

This is then loaded with navy and pale pink glitters, and as they overlap each other, the blue takes on a purplish tone.  Best of all is the pale blue shimmer running throughout.

Of the 2, Fireflies is obviously my favourite, but both were a dream to work with.  Some glitters require patience, but Cadillacquer has a formula that is really easy to apply and build, and which doesn't require a degree in Spreading!

The polishes are available now in Cadillacquer's shop, priced at $12 each, or $20 for the duo.  You can also follow on Facebook HERE.

My personal opinion?  If you don't already own at least 3 Cadillacquer polishes, you're missing out in a big way.  They are currently one of my favourite indie brands, and the range goes from subtle and serene to some beautifully eye-popping polishes.   If you love glitter, you NEED Cadillacquer.

These polishes were sent to me for an honest review - enjoy xx :)  And Madeleine, I hope I haven't embarrassed you.  At least I didn't show them this one!

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