Saturday, 10 August 2013

Crumpet Reviews - Cosmetics

Hi Goddesses

I hope your weekend is going well.  Beth and I had a perfect day yesterday, and today I am rescuing lots of Pets lol, although the Farm Heroes are eluding me :/

Today I have a website to review for you.  I was approached by a few weeks ago, and asked whether I would like to review some products.  I had a look at the website and agreed, and what you see above is what I was sent.

The website is similar to others that you see, that manage to offer quality products at very low prices.  There are some "low end" products in there, but also some mid-range products, like Essie, and pleasingly, they are not all "last year's colours".   Even better, you get to collect Fairy Points with your purchases, which you can then use for loyalty rewards.

Let's start with the L'Oreals.  You've been seeing Owl's Night, a blackened olive, with flecks of gold.  This is a nice, complex polish, albeit not very Crumpet-y.

Next we have Amazon's Flare, a perfect summer pink, super shiny and glossy.

This wasn't quite a jelly, but I did need 4 coats for opacity.  This has a lush look, almost like you could drink it!

Next is Essie Berry Naughty.  I used to have a lot of colours like this - the rouge noir type - but have gravitated away from them in the last year or so.

That said, this is perfect of its kind, liquid crimson-ruby.   I am not a huge Essie fan, but I have no complaints about this one.  And how shiny!?

And finally (because I didn't try the manicure kit), Sally Hansen Wine Not.   The Complete Salon Manicure polishes are some of my very favourites.  I find them effortless, and the brush is perfect for my nails.

I was initially a bit meh about this being *another* red, but on the nail, wow.  Look at all that shimmer.   To be fair, I probably have half a dozen polishes like this, but that doesn't diminish its loveliness.

So, the big question.  How much would this little bundle cost?   £15.  Yup, that's it, and in my book that's a super bargain.  Not only that, I also got free UK delivery.   You can pick up what I would call the "good" brands from £1.99.  Essies are currently £2.49 AND 3 for 2.

Polish isn't all they do either - there's all sorts of make-up and accessories and perfumes as well - just click HERE and shop away :)  Aaaaaah, it's always good to find a bargain :)

These products were sent for my honest review - enjoy xx :)
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