Friday, 16 August 2013

Crumpet Reviews - Too Fancy Lacquer

Hi Goddesses

I am honoured to be reviewing another new indie brand today, and even better - they're Holo-oh-ohs!!!  Not only that, I loved them so much, I immediately went back and bought some more.  A girl CANNOT have too many holos lol.  Welcome to the world of Too Fancy Lacquer.

So, the overall first - easy to apply, colour builds well, brush is fine.  The polishes do have a slightly different smell, which I think is due to the colours used, as I've had this with other indies before.  It's not repellent or anything, just different.

First up we have Rendezvous At Azure, a soft, periwinkle blue.  Although lovely, this was probably my least favourite of the 3, mainly because I couldn't get as much rainbow out of it (I do like my rainbow lol).

This is soft and scattered, and perfect if you're looking for something more subtle.  To be fair, the gentle tones of the colour probably work better with this more subtle holo than they would with a really bendy holo.

Next is a colour you don't often see round these parts - Glowing With Envy.  This is some serious toxic green lol.

As you know, this is not a Crumpet colour at all, but it held a strange fascination for me.  It is really bright and obnoxious, but that's also the source of its charm.

The holo was stronger in this one, and it's nice to see new types of colour being given the holo treatment.   There are a couple of other toxic green holos on the market (which *obviously* I don't own) - this one certainly has kapow!

Finally ... aaah, finally, Aphrodite.  Wow.  I lost my heart to this one.  Charlene laughed at me and said, "well of course you would, it's purple, lol", and whilst that IS true, that's only a small part of why I love it.

This was just perfection on the nail.  It looked amazing, and was one of those polishes you look at all day long, gently wafting your hand til you catch some perfect light :)

What I loved most though is the shade.  This is raisin coloured, with heart-stopping blue sizzle, and I honestly don't think I've seen a holo in this shade before.  It's dark, it's dangerous, it looks like it should be crushed in the hand, oozing blood ... yup, totally lost my heart to this one.

You can buy Too Fancy Lacquer HERE and follow on Facebook HERE.  For a first launch, these polishes are high in quality, and I am glad I bought more.   I did have some minor wrinkling on one nail with Azure, but I think that is a result of my own personal chemistry and the other products I use - no other blogger has had this problem, so it must be me lol.

These products were sent for my honest review - enjoy xx :)
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