Sunday, 11 August 2013

Drool Britannia - The w7 Debris Collection from The Make-Up Bag

Hi Goddesses

Wow, these holidays are exhausting!  They have sucked all my motivation and morphed it into sleepy snuggly dust.  I have to say, I am not getting a lot done, which is not good, because soon I'll be moaning again about how behind I am!

Anyway, today I have something PHENOMENAL for you.  This is the new Debris Collection from w7 which was sent to me for review by The Make-Up Bag.  These 5 glitters are fantastic - they're original, inventive AND they apply easily.  Considering so many big brands have messed up doing indie style glitters, this was a really pleasant surprise.

I am going to start with my absolute favourite, Bronze Debris.  This polish is EPIC.   In the bottle, it looked a little like Crows Toes Her Goose Got Cooked, but actually, it wasn't at all similar on the nail.

This is a mix of gold, rose gold, copper and black glitters, and it's layered here over the dark olive tones of L'Oreal Owl's Night - don't they make an awesome combination?

I wasn't prepared for quite how WOW this would look.  It looked good on the nail, but once I pointed the camera, it's as if my nails got some extra sizzle.

I literally could not stop staring at this - love it.  If you buy only one, make it this one.

By contrast, I found Pink Debris quite pedestrian.   It's nice, but it is definitely the least complex of the 5 glitters.

I have it layered here over Essie Berry Naughty, and they compliment each other nicely, but this will always be the type of glitter I don't really wear.  It's quite one-dimensional compared to the others.

Blue Debris has a nice edginess to it, and proves that if you use hairy glitter well, it CAN be inoffensive and actually look quite cool.

I love how the blue and black play off each other - it's a very dramatic glitter pairing - and I have it layered here over a nice soft blue.

Mauve Debris is another stunner, and this played sooooo beautifully with the base I chose, Elevation Polish Colline du Charf.

This glitter is a little sparser, and seemed to also have smaller pieces.     This is a glorious mix of gold, green and purple.

I do love this combination - these 2 polishes really look like they belong together!

And finally, Multi Debris, which I guess is the party polish of the 5.

This has small hexes and pieces of red, blue, silver, pink - a whole mini rainbow of glitter.

For the clash, I layered this over a bright lime green.  I don't like to be obvious when I layer my glitters, but there's no doubt this would probably look best over a black or blackish base.

If you're in the UK, you can buy these now at The Make-Up Bag.  You can also follow them on Facebook here.

These polishes were sent to me for an honest review.  Enjoy xx
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