Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Goodbye Pumpkin and Why I Never Wear Green on Wednesdays

Hi Goddesses

A sad day today, as we had to have our beloved Pumpkin put to sleep.  She was 14, or maybe older, and my boyfriend got home this afternoon to find her collapsed and unable to use her back legs.

I got the dreaded "you need to come home" phone call at work, and we rushed her to the vet.  We didn't know it til today, but she had a heart murmur, and apparently this causes a blood clot which over time detaches and travels down the spine.  This is what happened today, immobilising her legs.

We made the difficult decision to put her to sleep, and got to kiss and cuddle her before she passed - she even purred, bless her.

Hardest of all, was telling Beth.   Beth hasn't ever really known a life without Pumpkin (who we adopted from Cats Protection 9 years ago), and the 2 of them have had a special bond, with Pumpkin spending most nights asleep on Beth's pillow.

Beth has fretted about this day for 3 years, knowing Pumpkin was getting older, and it's partly why we bought Bluebelle nearly a year ago.  Needless to say, there have been floods of tears, but I have been very proud of her, and she stroked Pumpkin til her last breath.

The weird thing is how life often throws you strange sandwiches.  Yesterday was an awesome day.  The start of a 4 day week.  Amazing comments on my blog.  Reaching 2,500 followers on Facebook.  And then today, this.

And tomorrow is my birthday.  Tonight I am painting my nails orange in tribute (Literary Lacquer More Like Fire Than Light), as is Beth, and she is having a white belly and whiskers painted on hers too :)

So what's with the blog title?  Well, I am a superstitious person.  I absolutely believe I was a witch in a previous life,  and one of the things I noticed 20 years ago, was that whenever I wore green on a Wednesday, bad things happened - people died, cars crashed, work sucked balls.  So I've avoided it, ever since.

Luckily, I don't like my nails green, so that's never an issue, but this week I painted them grey - OPI Suzi Takes The Wheel.  It wasn't til I was under the office lights that I realised it was green-y grey.

So, sorry Pumpkin.   And thank you.  Thank you for 8 magical years of love, drool, cuddles, insatiable ear tickles, reminders that your food bowl is empty, sandpaper lickings, and perfect Garfield-esque putty-cat-ness.

You will be missed massively.  THAT'S how much you were loved.

From Beth - you have been a great friend, companion, and pillow and I'll miss the warm comfort of your furryness in my bed each night.

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