Thursday, 8 August 2013

Grey and Pink Marble with DANDY NAILS Bound To Fall

Hi Goddesses

So, the holiday is going well, but it seems to have sapped me of energy.   Must be something to do with thinking there is so much free time, that I don't realllllly have to do anything today other than play Farm Heroes or Pet Rescue lol.

This post is a real favourite of mine.  I love the polish, had no idea how the stamp would look, and when I finished, I just cooed.  One of those times when there's some extra magic at work.

This is Dandy Nails Bound To Fall - an absolutely glorious medium to dark grey polish which looks like liquid marble.

Tragically I forget which stamp I used, but I have a feeling it was from one of the original large Cheeky Plates (not the new ones).   All I knew was that it was fairly transparent and would let the majesty of the polish through - what I didn't expect was how awesome it would look.

The pink is a Konad shocking pink - doesn't it just work wonders with the grey?   It's not a combo I would have picked, but wow it works well.

Overall, this reminds me of marble - not that you'd get grey and pink marble haha - but oooooh.  Love.

Enjoy xx :)
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