Saturday, 31 August 2013

HARE Polish - A Positive, Amethystos, Ancient Affairs and Bisbee

Hi Goddesses

So, first of all, I have absolutely nooooooo excuse for why these have taken so long to reach the blog.  I swatched these back in December, and loved them ..... seriously, I don't know what goes on in my head half the time.

I remember being on high alert the day these went on sale at Llarowe.  I needed ALL the Hares lol, and I got em.   Lol, there is so much magic in that kind of madness haha.

A Positive, I personally didn't like, even though it does look lovely in these photos.  It's a ruby red crelly with silver hex pieces, and I just didn't like how the successive coats sat on top of the previous ones.

Don't get me wrong, it photographs beautifully, but for me, it just lacked a certain subtle.

Unlike Amethystos :)  Wow this polish is a beauty, like wearing a mosaic on your nails.

This really is a wonder polish.  Fabulous smokey lilac base and then all these crazy amazing pastel pieces on top.  Utterly utterly love this one.

Ancient Affairs is interesting.  It's a medium grey infused with blue shimmer.

It's certainly lovely, but I think it suffered by comparison with some of its collection-mates - how can you love this compared to Amethystos?

And then Bisbee, famous famous Bisbee, which on me just leaned too green.

For me, this has the same aesthetic issues as A Positive, but it hurts when I see it look so lovely when worn by other people.

Overall, I love the HARE brand, and considering some of the polishes are quite chunky, application is never an issue.

Enjoy xx :)
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