Friday, 9 August 2013

Holo Month - Chirality The Sinking Belle with Cheeky Stamping

Morning Goddesses

I'm posting early today as Beth has a big day planned for us.  We (I am told) are going shopping, to spend various vouchers and present money she has accumulated, and then we are off to see the new Percy Jackson film, followed by yummy noodles at Wagamama.  If Beth has her way, the meal will be neverending lol - she does love her noodles!

Today we revisit the Chirality LE polish which I posted on Monday, and which goes on sale tomorrow.   I decided to do a little nail art over it, and turned to my beloved Cheeky Jumbo plates.

I've had nothing but awesome from these plates, but I have heard people complain about images not picking up, and this was the first time I got to experience that frustration.  I think it's because the images are quite fine - certainly the bolder, bulkier images don't seem to cause any issues.

Both of these images are from the Happy Nails plate, which is Number 10.  The only reason I used 2 images was because I was getting annoyed with the first not picking up!

I then realised the sun was shining so ran out into the garden to capture this beauty in natural light.  It really brought out the golden.  Typically, it was raining within 10 minutes of these photos!

Stay tuned to Amanda's Facebook page for Go Live details - The Sinking Belle really is a beauty.

Enjoy xx :)
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